Which Trend Hashtag Is the Most Famous on Instagram? #ootd or #selfie?

There are a lot of # hashtag trends showing in social media and influencing the fashion industry. Such is the case of the #selfie and #ootd. Thanks to our Digital Marketing Database, we will analyze which of these trends has the highest impact in the fashion atmosphere.

We selected the period starting from April 18th to May 18th, and what a surprise! , the trend #ootd has been mentioned 90,566 times around fashion brands, while the #selfie trend has 56,089 mentions.

It's incredible how just in one month Instagram users have been posting more about what they wear rather than a selfie. This is a huge opportunity for fashion brands for getting advantage of this trend in order to engage more with Instagram lovers.

The brand Ray-Ban has been mentioned the most around the hashtag #selfie, with 3988 mentions, also brand's names like Abercrombie & Fitch (1749 mentions) and Forever 21 (1603 mentions) appears in this report.

The most famous brand around the trend #ootd is the American brand J.Crew which accumulated 7856 mentions, followed by the also American brands Forever 21 (4465 mentions) and Stussy (4441 mentions). These findings can give us the hint, that this trend is more alive in the United States, 57% of the brands mentioned belong to this country.