Which Fashion Brands Took Seriously the #NationalDonutday?

Last Friday was the first day for the U.SA to celebrate the invention of the most exquisite snack of the world, the doughnuts. We saw a lot of action on social media about the celebration, everyone ran to their favourite doughnut shop in oder to grab some deliciousness. As we noticed such action, of course we wanted to see which fashion brands really took seriously the #NationalDonutday.

Thanks to our DMD and selecting the time frame June 5 to June 07, 2014, we discovered that the trend was mentioned around 24 times related to fashion brands on Instagram, where brands such as Free People, Nordstrom, Juicy Couture, Julep and Vans took advantage of the boost of this celebration and posted photos promoting the doughnuts and of course their products.

Besides the number of mentions is relatively low, we discovered that the mass market brand, Vans, only posted one picture related to the trend and with just that move, it gained around 23,500 actions from the users (likes and comments).

This findings shows a good digital marketing tip: Take advantage of silly celebrations! This is a huge marketing tip for brands to gain awareness with their followers and customer on Instagram, to make them feel that your brand is real and likes to be part of happenings around the world.

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