The #White Trend Is Everywhere

The color white has been hiting the shelves of every fashion store and every fashion blogger has shown to us the best white outfits. That brought up the question to find out, if if this trend is also famous around the social media world and which fashion brands are related to it.

Thanks to Fashionbi's DMD (Digital Marketing Database) , we can know the behavior about trends, and how people react to them according the fashion mentions they make around the trend. Selecting the trend #white and the time-frame starting from April 27th to May 25th 2014, very interesting findings were discovered.

The trend has been mentioned around 21660 times on Instagram, where mass market apparel fashion brands such as H&M (592 mentions), Primark (785 mentions) and Asos (506 mentions) are present on the trend. An interesting data is that the shoe brand Converse is the most mentioned one around the color white reaching 2080 mentions. Does it mean that people are in love of white chucks? (Of course, it's a classic!).

The second fashion brand most mentioned is the premium brand Louis Vuitton with 871 mentions. But the most impactful post or photo is from another mass market brand, Topshop, which gained around 51,921 actions from Instagram lovers.

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