Fashion Brands that Love Denim

Who does not like #denim? The denim trend has always been on trend topics since the late 18th century, and nowadays is a huge trend that has become in an essential in every human's wardrobe. Many fashion brands have been noticed that the denim or dungaree fabric is a must every season, and they are right! Instagram lovers have shown their love to denim pieces around 8665 times in just one month (April 08, 2014 to: May 08, 2014).

Which caught our attention and curiosity to know which are the brands who are the most mentioned next to this trend. On first place with 615 mentions is located Topman, followed by Gap with 476. Next we found the shoe brand Converse with 381 mentions, which made us question why? Investigating more deeply we noticed that consumers are crazy about pairing their chucks with denim.

On fourth place is the premium apparel brand Ralph Lauren with 323 mentions, and finally on fifth place we discover the american bridge brand J.Crew gathering a total of 298 mentions.

To know more brands that are in love with denim, you just a click away to know.