Company Leading Italian Jewels S.r.l
Country Italy
Telephone +39 0131 973411
Market Segment Luxury
Core Business Jewelry

Stefan Hafner Financial Report


Leading Italian Jewels S.r.l Financial Report 2020

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Stefan Hafner

Head Designer

Stefan Hafner
1967 - current


Stefan Hafner was founded in Bologna in 1967.

He came from an Italian-Swiss family whose origins strongly indicate two aspects of his personality: the precision of Swiss watchmakers and Italian creativity.

Mr. Hafner is sensitive to art and beauty and, right from the beginning, he wanted to accept the challenge of venturing into technical experimentation in order to turn the most incredibile fantasies into reality.
He constantly travelled all over the world, accompanied by his inseparable designers, to personally serve the ladies of royal families and cater to their whims and desires. But, above all, he traveled in order to observe the women in each country, and to get to know their secrets and their dreams.

Stefan Hafner is well known amongst an important international clientele for the creation of sophisticated pieces of fine jewellery that interpret and display all the beauty and expressiveness of the precious stones.
His "studio" approach cuts across boundaries and his passion is total. With this spirit, he is able to collaborate with the most expert craftsmen of Bologna and Valenza who know how to turn his fabulous vision into reality as pieces of jewellery.

In the creations of Stefan Hafner, the jewellery industry turns its back on the usual shapes and forms: his pure and harmonious concepts give life to collections that are able to evolve over time, becoming ageless and timeless: simply showing the eternal future of being.
Stefan Hafner’s jewels are dreams of light that become high jewellery pieces with the purest stones and excellent Italian craftsmanship. The collections are known all over the world for their sophisticated elegance, timeless value and peculiarity in the construction of the jewels. All the collections are characterized by the use of gold, diamonds and precious stones.

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Name Leading Italian Jewels S.r.l
Country Italy
VAT Number 02324100060
Telephone +39 131 973411
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 1976
Type of Company Private


Via Trento, 7 15048 Valenza - Alessandria

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