Company Ray Garzia S.L.
Country Spain
Telephone +34 616 610 776
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Shoes

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Ray Garzia S.L. Financial Report

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Ray Garzía S.L. is an Andalusian shoe design brand, born inside an ancient shoe industry land, Valverde del Camino. For decades, artisans in Valverde apply their refined skills and experience to make an extremely hard and special shoe for farmers and miners using the best cow and horse leathers as well as other natural and raw materials.

Ray Garzía explore a new perspective for these awesome leather shoes, connecting them with urban-life requeriments and looking for new avant-garde lines. We design our shoes in San Bernardo neighbourhood (Seville) and hand-make them in Valverde del Camino (Huelva).

We believe that design, ecological mind and quality materials are not enough when you want to do your best. So, we are investigating about new leather treatments development which could increase the quality and exclusivity of our shoes.

Andrés Senra handles the manufacture and assembly of the shoes. He is a very friendly person, beloved by all the people in the city. Represents the third generation in the family business. His perfectionist reputation is deserved; extreme attention to details is a sign of the house.

Rosi, aparadora, is surely one of the most qualified workers in Valverde del Camino. Her knowledges get that every new model of Ray Garzía come from a solid and rational construction. Angel is one of the younger pattern makers in the city. His perfectionism sometimes pushes him to repeat parts on weekends, surprising us all on Monday morning. Javier and Jose Manuel provide its great expertise in cutting, assembling, … to improve all the process.

Carmela and Alfonso are the founders of the brand. Their goal is to put your hands on a different, craftsmanshipped and very high-quality shoe. They do their best to get it, improving each new design, finding the best materials and the best craftsmen in Andalusia.

But the company also managed to turn it into a big open window on the new Andalusian creative scene.

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Name Ray Garzia S.L.
Country Spain
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +34 616 610 776
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation n.a.
Type of Company Private


Plaza Virgen de los Gitanos 5, portal 4, bajo esquina 41003, Sevilla,

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