Company Ralph Rucci
Country United States
Telephone +1 212 819 9066
Market Segment Luxury
Core Business Apparel

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Ralph Rucci Financial Report

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New York
United States


Ralph Rucci

Head Designer

Ralph Rucci
1981 - Present


In a career that spans nearly three decades, Ralph Rucci has assembled an atelier of uniquely talented, creative individuals who share both his aesthetic and his passion for meticulous workmanship. Nearly all of the artisanal techniques exhibited are conceived, developed, and realized by Rucci and his staff, which has been referred to collectively as one of the finest workrooms in the fashion world.

Since 1981, Ralph Rucci’s body of work has been evolving, garment by garment. In 1994, Rucci added the word Chado to his company name after the exacting Japanese tea ceremony. He presented his first haute couture collection in Paris in 2002; Rucci is the only American-based designer to have been invited to show as part of the official Haute Couture calendar under his own name.

Throughout his design career Rucci has chosen to work with the most luxurious fabrics and specialized collaborators in the world. Yet, despite a quantum leap in both the quality and magnitude of his designs, Rucci’s evolutionary process continues to move at its own pace. New silhouettes or technical processes enter his oeuvre as the designer sees fit, not when external pressures dictate.

In essence, Rucci is a modernist working in a traditional vernacular. For this artist, that constitutes a fertile contradiction. He is aware but unconcerned that the workmanship in his creations – from lush ball gowns to the luxurious, exquisite daywear that form the core of his business – does not readily yield its secrets to the printed page. He has become best known for the richness and diversity of his fabric choices, the broad range of his color palette, the artistic sources from which he draws inspiration, and the complex construction methods he employs in executing his creations.

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Name Ralph Rucci
Country United States
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +1 212 819 9066
Fax +1 212 944 5894
Date of foundation 1994
Type of Company Private


151 west 26th street, second floor New York - New York 10 001

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