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Marco Ta Moko Financial Report


DML s.r.l. Financial Report 2020

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Olmo di Creazzo, Vicenza


Marco Dal Maso

Head Designer

Marco Dal Maso
2008 - current


“Of your Moko, you cannot be deprived. Except by death. It will be your ornament, and your companion, until your last day – Netana Rakuraku.”Many of you may not be aware but, Ta Moko in the ancient Maori Language means Tattoo. The Maori people were the natives from New Zealand and there are none left in our existence.
Ta Moko was worn by both men and women. It was applied to the face and buttocks of men, and to the chin, lips and shoulders of women. Depending on their ranking, they may also have Ta Moko on their face.
Ta Moko was like a history of a person’s achievements and represented their status in their tribe. It was like a resumé. It also served as a reminder to people about their responsibility in life. It was a huge honour for people to have Ta Moko.
I personally traveled through the magic islands of New Zealand during my spiritual journeys back in 2006 and I was completely astonished and absorbed by the Ta Moko beliefs and culture.
On the road from Wellington to Auckland, I connected with and directly experienced the Maori culture, their way of life and miles after miles the spirit of Ta Moko became a part of me.
It was specifically when my trip brought me to discover the underworld (in Maori Rarohenga) following the footsteps of Niwareka (the daughter of the underworld ruler Uetonga) deep inside the Waitomo caves that the meaning of my trip became clear inside my mind.
I perfectly understood the purpose of my journey and why I was there: trying to create a unique Ta Moko able to exemplify through these spiritual signs the true meaning behind a human being, their best skills, their intrepid behavior and their implicit roots.
When I returned to Italy I focused all my time and channeled all my efforts, creativity and feeling into that specific and defined goal.
That’s how the MARCO TA MOKO Collection was born!
I know that looking at, touching and wearing my jewels will make you feel what I feel: the infinite touch of being alive!
“Ta Moko is the process of inscribing, of marking the skin, of placing the narrative; Moko is the outcome, the finished work, the textured story, the pictorial memories permanently engraved – Ngahuia te Awekotuku”.

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Name DML s.r.l.
Country Italy
VAT Number 01699930242
Telephone +39 0444 340888
Fax +39 0444 520309
Date of foundation 1973
Type of Company Private


Via Palazzon, 41 36051 Olmo di Creazzo, Vicenza

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