Company Artax Watch Ltd.
Country Switzerland
Telephone +41 (0)62 396 34 73
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Watches

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Hubert Fluri

Head Designer

Hubert Fluri
1973 - current


Hubert Fluri, the founder of Artax Watch Ltd., was born in 1929 in Herbetswil. He went to primary und district school in Balsthal where his parents lived since 1936. At the age of 17 he studied at a language school in Saint Gingolph at Lake Léman to improve his French. A vocational education of commerce for 3 years followed. Later, he worked another 3 years in Geneva in a company that, among others, also published annual chronicles on Swiss watch industry. His interest in watches was thus awakened. A sojourn at Swiss Mercantil School in London helped upgrade his English knowledge.
In 1953 Hubert Fluri joined Technos watch company in Welschenrohr and was active at the sales department.

In 1964 the director Josef Gunzinger and Hubert Fluri traveled across the North Pole to Japan. From then on Mr. Fluri undertook his numerous business trips to the Far East, such as Hongkong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos etc.

During the Cultural Revolution Hubert Fluri spent some time with a Swiss delegation in China where he experienced how the folk demonstrated and jubilated with Mao's little red booklet in the hand. In Cambodia he urged a customer to leave the country shortly before the Red Khmer took over the power. The future of this person and his family were thus rescued. With the assistance of Lap Heng entrepreneur in Hongkong Mr. Fluri initiated the production of cases and dials in Taiwan. Those were the years of significance.
In 1973 Hubert Fluri decided to establish his own company – Artax Watch Ltd. Artax was named after Artaxerxes, a great Persian king and military leader.

For decades various brands were registered and watches were produced by Artax. Poland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, USA and the South America were the key markets. The rapid development of the Chinese market in recent years motivates Artax to set its focus on Manjaz, a brand especially conceived for the Asian Continent.

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Name Artax Watch Ltd.
Country Switzerland
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +41 (0)62 396 34 73
Fax +41 (0)62 396 34 78
Date of foundation 1973
Type of Company Private


Hauptstrasse 374 4716 Welschenrohr

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