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Boccaccini Spa was founded more than 50 years ago (1959) as a small family-run business and very early on it was recognised as something special because of its particularly original and elegant range and its use of exotic leathers such as ostrich, python and crocodile. The excellent quality and premium nature of the products attracted appreciation and interest on an international level and as a consequence, throughout the sixties and seventies Boccaccini progressively conquered the markets of Europe, theUSand theFar East.

A defining moment came in 1987 thanks to the experience, knowledge and intuition of Alfredo Boccaccini who, having grown up in the heart of the Boccaccini company and with his incredible passion for shoes, successfully launched the brand “L’Autre Chose”. This collection represents the idea of an obvious distinctness and a unique approach to the world of footwear.

“L’Autre Chose” literally translated as “The Other Thing”, this name came from the wish to refresh the shoes market which was suffering a relevant design crisis at that time and to reconfirm the creativity as the basement of the shoes sector.

Its logo was inspired by the Japanese culture, the letter “o” inside the brand-name resemble the circle shape named “enso” by the Japanese calligraphic art: a metaphor of the absolute zen and symbol of the pure soul motion, of the eternal change of the things. Then the decision to extract this letter insight L’Autre Chose and to make it as its own logo.

Such was the success of this fusion between a modern way of thinking and the traditions and experience of an established footwear company that the brand reached a position on the most important and renowned Department Stores of the world.

1998 saw another turning point for the company with the arrival ofMichela Casadei, a designer from the world of Ready-To-Wear. Thanks to her creative insight and experience she introduced a feminine, French twist to L’Autre Chose, paying particular attention to the finish and unique detail of the brand.

In Autumn-Winter 2005 the first Ready-To-Wear collection was launched, designed and created by Michela and very much in tune with the image and the style of the existing L’Autre Chose brand. The successful extension of the brand meant that it was now able to offer a total look; a true world of L’Autre Chose.

The first L’Autre Chose boutique was inaugurated inRomein October 2008 and today more then yesterday the Company is committed and oriented to the development of the retail structure. After the recent inauguration in Cortina, the Company is working on the opening of a new flagship store inBologna, which will be the second boutique in Emilia Romagna region after the one in Milano Marittima.


Quality, Style, Colour. These are the elements that characterise all L'Autre Chose collections.

Quality, with utmost attention to the choice of materials, details and finishes in order to create a product with an impeccable level of quality.

Style, which makes the L'Autre Chose creations so very special and unique, together with its savoir faire in winning over and generating loyalty among such a vast female following: from teenagers looking for ultimate trends to more experienced women looking for a minimalistic but totally unique item.

And colour, that focuses on patterns and hues carefully selected by the stylist from the huge variety available worldwide. L'Autre Chose is also colour, with endless tones and shades used for the shoes and fashion lines, to bestow the female universe with the rainbow of colours it truly deserves.

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Name Boccaccini S.P.A.
Country Italy
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Telephone +39 0734878 011
Fax +39 0734878 011
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