Company H. Stern Comercio e Indústria S.A.
Country Brazil
Telephone 0800 022 7442
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Jewelry

H. Stern Financial Report


H. Stern Comercio e Indústria S.A. Financial Report 2020

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It includes the overall revenue of the company, considering not only the sales of finished goods, but all of the sources of the company income.

Operating Margin

Also known as ROS - Return on Sales, it measures the percentage of sales revenue that gets 'returned' to the company as net profits after all the related costs of the activity are deducted. The figure is about the latest fiscal year available.

Net Profitability

It's a measure of a company's overall profitability, i.e. how much of its sales are converting to profit. The value given is the amount of sales needed to generate one currency unit of post tax profit. Negative values mean that the company has a negative level of post tax profit. The figure is about the latest fiscal year available.

Profit Ratio

It's a key measure of success. The profit ratio measures the amount of profit generated by each single currency unit of sales. The figure is about the latest fiscal year available.

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Brand Description


Rio de Janeiro


Hans Stern



At the beginning of the 1950s a small Brazilian jewelry company was making a name for itself in international circles. With beautiful jewels and an audacious marketing strategy for that time, the company was poised to revolutionize the traditional jewelry industry. Behind the rising brand was Hans Stern, a young German émigré, and a "carioca"* at heart. Several years earlier, in 1945, at age 22, he had founded a small gemstone trading business in Rio de Janeiro - the beginning of this success story.

Throughout more than 50 years, H.Stern has solidified its prestigious image in Brazil and abroad. In 1964, while Hans was preparing to cross the Atlantic to expand his business in Europe and the Middle East, Time magazine called him, "the king of diamonds and colored gems, capable of unveiling the personality hidden in every precious stone.". Years later, the brand he created no longer requires formal introductions. H.Stern has become synonymous with beauty and good taste, be it in New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Rio, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, or anywhere in the world.

Today, H.Stern appears prominently in the editorial texts and photographs of the world's most respected fashion magazines including Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, W and InStyle. H.Stern jewels are often seen adorning the famous necks and wrists of national and international celebrities.

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H. Stern Comercio e Indústria S.A. profile

Name H. Stern Comercio e Indústria S.A.
Country Brazil
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +55 21 2106 0000
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 1945
Type of Company Private


Rua Gracia D' Avila, 113 Ipanema, RJ 2242-1010

Ownership (Top Shareholders)

H. Stern Comercio e Indústria S.A. doesn't provide the information on its shareholders.

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