Company Erwin Sattler OHG
Country Germany
Telephone + 49 (89) 89 55 80 6-0
Market Segment Luxury
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Erwin Sattler OHG Financial Report

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Heinrich Sattler


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From Marion Dönhoff, the grand old lady of German journalism, famously said: »We produce the newspaper that we ourselves would like to read«. Heinrich Sattler would have liked this sentence. On March 4th, 1903 this master clockmaker received the kaiserliche Patenturkunde Nr.163850 for his design of a perpetual calendar. Heinrich Sattler designed exactly the clock that he would like to buy, but never found. His Grandson, Erwin Sattler, inherited his love for complicated and extraordinarily elegant clocks. The dream of this enthusiastic clockmaker was ,to build clocks of the highest quality by himself. Respect for the traditions of classical clockmaking, perfect craftsmanship and innovation were his aim. So in 1958 he founded his own company: Erwin Sattler München.

In the middle of the 80`s his daughter Stephanie Sattler-Rick took over financial control and the clockmaker Richard Müller joined the management as technical leader. Together, they progressively transformed the company into a manufacturer.

In 2002 Erwin Sattler retired and handed over his life's work to the next generation. Together Stephanie Sattler-Rick and Richard Müller lead the company in the ideals of its founder: clocks for generations to come. Erwin Sattler's dream came true.

Today, the precision clocks of the Erwin Sattler factory, produced in small batches, are reckoned as the best in the world. Professionals as well as collectors regard them as the standard for technical innovation, elegance and highest quality. For almost 50 years we have only made clocks, that we would buy for ourselves, clocks, so high class they can be passed from generation to generation.

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Name Erwin Sattler OHG
Country Germany
VAT Number DE 813 385 622
Telephone + 49 (89) 89 55 80 6-0
Fax + 49 (89) 89 55 80 6-28
Date of foundation 1958
Type of Company Private


Erwin Sattler OHG, Lohenstraße 6, 82166 Gräfelfing

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