Company Chanel SAS
Country France
Telephone +33 0800 255 005
Fax n.a.
Market Segment Luxury
Core Business Apparel
Report Luxury Apparel Market
Fashionbi Index ®
No significant results
in the period.

Chanel Fashionbi Index ®

We combine together market, digital, social and financial data into a single brand performance evaluation framework, that enables you to articulate, in actual quantifiable manner the contribution of your brand's activities over time to your brand's value.


Performance Trend

Competitive Benchmarking

Chanel is not included in the week's ranking.
The brand did not achieve significant results in the period.


Fashionbi Index Book

An yearly global study on the brands' marketing and digital consideration trends, predicting their current quantitative rankings, competitive positioning and the reasons behind the peaks, in the Fashion & Luxury Industry. Moreover, brands' best practices and success insights have been brought forward.