Company Champion Europe S.p.A.
Country Italy
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Telephone +39 059897511
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Market Segment Mass Market
Core Business Active Wear

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New York
United States


Feinbloom Brothers




Founded: Rochester, State of New York. In 1919 the Feinbloom brothers established the company that would become known as "Champion".
Modern sport was taking its first steps; athletes were passionate but athletic apparel was often improvised.
Since then Champion has continued to develop new product concepts, bringing authentic innovations, such as the first hooded fleece sweatshirt which was designed to keep the body warm during outdoor training.
Champion has spent 90 years at the side of amateur and professional athletes alike, and continues to be dedicated to the true traditional values of sport. Since 1919 Champion's mission is to be one of the leading athletic apparel brands in the world, based on core values that are relevant to athletes competing at all levels of sport, from amateur to professional. The brand accomplishes this mission by achieving superiority over our competition, with innovative and creative design and the highest possible quality in our products for performance, durability and comfort.
In carrying out our mission, it provides a stimulating workplace for its employees, a challenging environment for the suppliers and the highest level of satisfaction for its customers.

Authentic is at the heart of the Champion classic collection, where history, American heritage and authenticity of the brand come together.

Athletic takes its inspiration from real sport with a wide range of performance styles in cutting edge fabrics for everyone who plays sports at all levels.

Apparel represents an athletic inspired spirit delivered through a variety of fabrics, colors and innovative designs.

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Mass Market

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Champion Europe S.p.A. profile

Name Champion Europe S.p.A.
Country Italy
VAT Number IT02710320363
Telephone +39 059897511
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 2006
Type of Company Private


Via dell'Agricoltura, 51 41012 - Carpi, Modena

Ownership (Top Shareholders)

Mediterraneo S.p.A.: 46.56%
Self owned: 17.66%
Mambrini Sauro: 13.40%
ABN Amro Nordic Ventures N.V.: 9%
Furlotti Gigetto: 8%
Muhlrad Ralph Josef: 2.20%
Monahan Joseph Michael: 0.70%
Matemtzis Dimitrios: 0.40%
Vernetti Prot Enrico: 0.30%
Amoruso Onofrio: 0.29%
Benaglia Tullo: 0.24%

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