Company Peuterey Group S.R.L.
Country Italy
Telephone +39 02 8134663
Market Segment Bridge
Core Business Apparel

Aiguille Noire Financial Report


Peuterey Group S.R.L. Financial Report 2021

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Total Revenue

It includes the overall revenue of the company, considering not only the sales of finished goods, but all of the sources of the company income.

Operating Margin

Also known as ROS - Return on Sales, it measures the percentage of sales revenue that gets 'returned' to the company as net profits after all the related costs of the activity are deducted. The figure is about the latest fiscal year available.

Net Profitability

It's a measure of a company's overall profitability, i.e. how much of its sales are converting to profit. The value given is the amount of sales needed to generate one currency unit of post tax profit. Negative values mean that the company has a negative level of post tax profit. The figure is about the latest fiscal year available.

Profit Ratio

It's a key measure of success. The profit ratio measures the amount of profit generated by each single currency unit of sales. The figure is about the latest fiscal year available.

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Total Revenue        
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Gross Profit        
Operating Income        
Net Income        

Balance Sheet Highlights

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Current Assets        
Total Assets        
Current Liabilities        

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Brand Description




Mauro Paganelli
Graziano Gianelli

Head Designer

Riccardo Coppola
2011 - current


The Aiguille Noire brand appeared for the first time on the international market with the F/W 2010/2011 collection, and stood out immediately as a moderate and refined expression of a creative approach strongly inspired by the sartorial tradition, which finds its truest reference in the European old-school dressing culture.
The reinterpretation of timeless, iconic, evergreen items is the main feature of a new men’s and women’s total look concept, where a sophisticated and well-balanced vision of the modern wardrobe combines traditional fabrics with innovative and groundbreaking manufacturing techniques.

Thus the ongoing processing of modern concepts and sensations promotes thoughtful, yet experimental reviews and remakes, which result into an utterly new and unprecedented restyling of the past. Each collection is driven by a creativity half-way between heritage and evolution, and is conceived as a true and long-lasting story, where the revival of emotions and of the value of spontaneous and unsophisticated understatement is conveyed through the absolute principles of formal simplicity and care for details. Lines, colours, and fabrics create a harmonious blend of memory and avant-garde, quality and research, in a renewed ideal of minimalism with a modern take.

This is the culture of a free and nonconformist spirit, typical of someone that turns dressing into a true aesthetic ideal, as well as a form of personal expression, clearly displaying an accurate and distinctive way to express one’s individualism and independence.

The temperament of its main players conveys the life style of a generation inspired by a natural taste for beauty in a variety of respects – from art to design, from literature to photography, from adventure to the pleasure of relax – according to a philosophy that is free of artifices and redundancies, consistent and passionate.

The style is careful, real, modulated by a wish for a functional and dynamic present; defined by an aesthetic mission that turns the unique value of fabrics and colours into essential, pure, and timeless sartorial, yet everyday elegant lines. Conceived for highly educated customers, yet free of rules and obligations, who seek and choose Aiguille Noire apparel with confidence, knowing that what they wear is first and foremost an experience, a story that is different from any other.

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Peuterey Group S.R.L. profile

Name Peuterey Group S.R.L.
Country Italy
VAT Number IT 02102220460
Telephone +39 0583 20 11 11
Fax +39 0583 20 979
Date of foundation 2002
Type of Company Private


Via Provinciale del Biagioni, 55 55011 - Altopascio (LU)

Ownership (Top Shareholders)

Fidinterev - 67%
Mauro Paganelli - 33%

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