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American popular fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch is opening their flagship store in Shanghai on 19 April, 2014. The opening ceremony will be held at 10am local time at No. 1515 Nanjing West Road. The A&F models have arrived in Shanghai, and are ready for the opening ceremony.

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is rapidly expanding their business internationally after the success in the US. Currently, there are only three A&F flagship stores in Asia-Pacific, which are located in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong. Shanghai will be the fourth flagship store in Asia-Pacific as well as the first in mainland China.


Shu Uemura recently launched a mini film campaign on Weibo for enhancing the interaction with Chinese consumers.

As the April is the season for Sakura, Shu Uemura decided to promote one of their star products— Sakura Facial Cleansing Oil. The company firstly announced that they will invite a popular mysterious Korean star as the male leading role in the mini film. Then the company encourages users on Weibo to upload their pictures and share their daily emotions to win the opportunities of becoming the female leading role in the mini film.

As the promotion moving forward, the company recently revealed the Korean pop star Jung Yong Hwa, who is well-know in China because of the popularity of Korean dramas, is the male leading role in mini film. In the mini film, Jung Yong Hwa is calling for his “Sakura Girl”.

Weibo users who would like to become the female leading role in the mini film can take part in this activity through Shu Uemura Official website by uploading their names and photos. The chosen users will also be given the tickets for the meeting and greeting event with Jung Yong Hwa.


The italian company Mcs Group and China Outfitters Holdings Limited have signed a joint venture aimed to develop an strategic casual menswear brand in the hands of Emerisque Group in the China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

The new company, MCS Hong Kong Limited, which will headquartered in Hong Kong, aims to promote the brand in the China, through a network of wholesale distribution, retail and direct franchise. MCS is currently present in 90 stores in the area, but it aims to double the digit over the next three years.


The French group, LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton, has reported that in its first-quarter revenues rose 6 percent, reaching 7.2 billion euros, slightly above expectations of 7.17 billion euros. The company expressed that they did an excellent performance in Asia and United States, and despite the challenging economic enviroment in Europe, the european market did not dissapoint and also helped to the favorable increase.


The Sweden retailer H&M, is expanding into China’s smaller cities to reach more customers since retail competition grown in the world’s second-biggest economy.

The mass market brand is also looking at having clothes made in Myanmar, Ethiopia and Kenya as rising wages in China, its biggest supply market, put pressure on profit margins, Chief Executive Officer Karl-Johan Persson appointed from Melbourne, where the company is opening its first Australian store.


LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton the French luxury group, invested almost 600 million euro in a large real estate project. The project will be with some Japanese operators in the district of Ginza,Tokyo. The project area is approximately 147,600 square meters includes shops and offices with 13 floors and 6 levels underground. The project will start this month and is expected to complete on November, 2016.


Fuerdai (wealthy second generation) are no longer childrens, they have been grown and they are ready to be the next luxury consumers generation in China. But, who are really receiving all the benefits and luxe are the fusandai (wealthy third generation: Fuerdai's kids). A recent Chinese finance column 21CN Finance has even taken to calling the the “main core group of luxury consumers of the future.”.

The fuerdai parents of the fusandai do not skimp on their parenting, just like their parents did with them, they are willing to spend 8,000 yuan ($1,300) on a Dior baby sweater. Fuerdai parents do not pass the opportunity to offer and give their children the most expensive gifts in every possible celebration such as birthdays, Children’s Day and what is known as the “100th-day birthday.”

A new generation of spenders are growing and are coming with more acquisition power than ever. This is definitely a red flag for luxury fashion brands to improve its efforts in the Asian country.


The Swiss luxury watches market is way to far from the disappearance. According to World Watch Report, consumer demand for luxury watches grew by +5.7% worldwide.

Despite the slowdown in sales in Asia, Chinese consumers are demanding and showing interest in all luxury watches categories where brands like Omega, Cartier and Rolex are the most famous on internet searches. Also the power of women consumerism played an important role in the matter where women's watches rise in popularity (+7.5%) led by the Asian country.

An important fact to point out is the role of social Media in the luxury watch market, where major watch brands are improving its efforts in order to be more reachable for the curious consumer. Such is the case of Instagram, which is the most engaging social media platform among watch aficionados with nearly three times Facebook's average engagement rate, while in China searches for Haute Horlogerie brands using mobile phones increased by +120%.

The numbers shows us the hunger of the chinese market for luxury and premium items, where consumers are chasing day after day an improvement of their life style.


Snailwhite, a top-selling facial cream manufactured and originated by the Thai cosmetics company Namu life, recently opened the first official sales counter in Watson retail store in Chengdu, China. Even though the price of the product is slightly higher than other similar branded cream, the consumers are still after this “Made in Thailand” product.

Snailwhite uses the slime of snails to strengthen magical effect for the problem skin. The product was first introduced in 2013 with the massive publicity on its regenerating, recovering, repairing, restoring, renewing effects to catch the attention of consumers in order to expand the visibility of the product. However, the success is not only remained in Thailand. Snailwhite later went to other countries throughout Asia by using online ordering services. It soon became a very recognized facial cream because of the good comments and recommendations it received from consumers for its effective effects.

The product has been brought to Hong Kong, USA, Sweden, Australia, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and mainland China, and is currently seeking another sales expansion by setting up the official sales counters instead of the traditional online ordering model.


Chinese women are turning into a key player in the economics and social fabric of society. They are becoming more independent and image-conscious practicing running, tai chi, Zumba, yoga and many other trendy sports. The interest for the sport equipment and the active wear are calling sports brands to act and ramp efforts to target women with messages on independence, challenging yourself, self-expression, and most importantly, fun.

Nike, for example, sponsored the 2013 Shanghai International Marathon, displayed gigantic advertisements and projected videos of its campaign, "Let the Run Tell You Why," on the race route. While Adidas has transformed itself into fast-fashion causal wear through Chinese actresses Fang Bingbing and Angelababy. Also Lululemon Athletica Canada Inc with "The yoga-on-a-boat" event which was part of the brand's debut in China, gave the attendants a totally different brand experience.

These are just few examples of how Chinese sport's market has a growing potential, and brands are increasing their effort in order to explode this upcoming sector.


In order to celebrate Jil Sander's most famous bag, Jil Bag, the German label has installed an exhibition at its flagship store in Milan. The “An artistic interpretation of artisanal excellence,” exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Italian "Flair Magazine", where the brand has collected ten images shot by artist Julia Hetta of the tools used in the more than 20-hour process to produce a Jil Bag.o

The exhibition has already opened its doors to Milanese residents last Wednesday and will be open until April 4th and then will travel to other Jil Sander boutiques in international cities such as Hamburg, Shanghai, Tokyo, Chicago, Paris and Berlin.


Versace ended the year of 2013 with a turnover of 479.2 million euro and an increase of 17.2%, while EBITDA adjusted for movements in foreign currency grew by 59.7% to 71 million. It is estimated acceleration with the new partner Blackstone .

Sales at stores reached a total of 267.6 million which is 19 percent more than the previous year. The wholesale has instead reached 174.1 million (16.7% up). Also the company increase in its royalties, 37.5 million (+7.4%), driven by the perfumes (+23.6%) and watches (+16%).

Among the countries with more sales were the US increasing an 32% on retail sales, Asia played an important role going 18.5% up and Europe were up 8%.


Luxury Swiss watch sales may have been affected by China’s anti-corruption crackdown, but Chinese consumers are searching for them online, especially through a mobile device.

China’s ongoing anti-corruption crackdown caused Swiss watch exports to China to decline by 12.5 percent in 2013. However, Chinese consumers certainly didn’t lose interest in the luxury timepieces. Mobile searches for luxury watch brands grew by a staggering 120 percent in 2013, where brands such as Omega, Cartier, and Rolex were the leading brands in Chinese internet searches, according to World Watch Report.

“Watches are part of the fastest growing luxury segments in China right now,” said Baidu Vice President Liang Zeng. Favorite models in China included the Constellation and De Ville by Omega, and Ballon Bleu by Cartier.


Calvin Klein's current president and chief commercial officer Steve Shiffman has been promoted to CEO following the retirement of the company's current CEO, Tom Murry, in January 2015. Shiffman's goals include increasing Calvin Klein's expansion abroad, with a particular focus on Asia, India, Australia, and South America. Furthermore, he wants to broaden the image of Calvin Klein in markets that largely view the brand as an underwear and denim line.

"We're looking to convert many parts of the world from a classifications business of jeans and underwear into a lifestyle business and offer sportswear and other categories," he told Women's Wear Daily.


"Fashion does not stand still and neither does The HUB". The Asian biggest fashion trade event is running for its third edition. This time, the fair will take place on a different venue, which is the heart of the traditional fashion district on Hong Kong, the D2 Place in Lai Chi Kok.

The HUB will spread over two floors major exhibitions with hidden gems in other parts of the building, including an amazing rooftop. On this edition The HUB will be select, exclusive, and even more business focused for fashion experts, buyers, and international guests.

The third edition of The HUB will start on August 27th and will be ending on the 28th.


Li & Fung Ltd. , the world’s largest supplier of clothes and toys to retailers based on Hong Kong, proposes to spin-off its global brands and licensing business after posting a 17 percent surge last year in annual net profit to $725 million. The company plans the action this year for 300 brand Global Brands Group via full distribution in specie without raising any funds. Their shareholders will directly receive one share each in the spin-off.

"It's probably the simplest way to do a spin-off. We are not raising any money and it's not an IPO in the traditional sense," said William K. Fung, Chairman of Li & Fung.


The popularity of the Korean TV drama <<You Are From The Star>> has pushed up the sales of BB cream and lipsticks of Korean beauty brand IOPE. The air-cushion BB cream and the lipstick number 44 which were used by the Korean actress in the drama are being largely purchased by the drama fans, which even resulted in a short-term out of stock.

It is not new that Korean dramas are very popular in China, and that has brought influence to Chinese, especially to Chinese women. They like watching Korean dramas not only because of the stories, but also because they admire the way Korean actors and actresses dress up and do their make up. Korean style is well-accepted and followed by many Chinese ladies. When a Korean drama comes out, it becomes popular and successful in China, Chinese women would discuss and talk about the make-ups that the actress had in the drama. They want to find out which brands and what kind of products the actresses are using, then they go and purchase the items. Therefore, many Korean cosmetics companies are aiming to use the power of Korean drama or pop culture to boost the sales in the Chinese market.


Chaumet, the famous fine jewelry company, has opened its first boutique in Baku, Azerbaijan, on March 5th.
With 90 square meters, Chaumet managed to stay elegant and pure while playing with graphism and a subtle game of light in beige tones. Customers will also be able to enjoy the brand's new collection: "Liens Haute Joaillerie."

This opening is in line with the brand's strategy of internationalization with over 90 establishments across Europe, Japan, China, Russia and the Middle East.


In the sunny sprawl of Silicon Valley, tales of success of billion dollar companies like Facebook, Google are present and soon will be joining Ali Baba. The Chinese e-commerce site, whose profits reached the almost $3bn, has confirmed that it is preparing the float in New York. According to analysts, it will be the highest initial public offering of technology industry in the world.


The Italian premium brand Valentino has revelaed that It doubled its earnings in the past year. Its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation were an stricking €65 million, versus €34 million the previous year. Operating profits, revenues and sales all climbed too - and global retail like-for-like sales rose between 35 and 40 percent.

Valentino CEO Stefano Sassi appointed the label's focus for the coming year was "not about conquering new markets, but about increasing penetration in those where we are already present". Also the brand will open high-profile flagships in New York, Rome and Hong Kong in 2014.


Ecco, a Danish shoe manufacturer and retailer founded in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy, has announced its “best ever results” in 2013 with an 8% increase in full year profit with a strong sales in China and Russia.

The key financial highlights of Ecco's 2013 performance shows that its net revenue increased 4% from €1.13m to €47.9m and pre-tax profit reached to €165.4m.

Controlled growth has been the key to Ecco's success in 2013 and we will continue this strategy in 2014. We expect 2014 to show increased revenue and profitability.” said Steen Borgholm, CFO of Ecco.

Ecco claims to be the only major shoe company to own and manage every step of the production process, from tannery to retail.

Ecco continued to invest in upgrading its distribution in Europe, Asia, and North America. In 2013, 255 new shops and shop-in-shops were opened and more than 300 shops were upgraded and refitted. Today, Ecco products are sold in 87 countries at 2,989 ECCO shops and shop-in-shops and a total of 15,000 sales locations in all over the world.


Jimmy Choo, a london based shoes brand, could be the one of luxury brands to become publicly traded. The brand owner Labelux Group GmbH has had meetings with bankers about the possible sale of stake in the luxury shoemaker via an IPOs. The company hasn't made a final decision. Labelux Group GmbH would retain a majority stake in the business and use a sale to fund expansion in Asia.

According to a source “The business could be valued at about $1.7 billion in the mid-range of the estimated IPO pricing".


A new report found that luxury industry insiders still have high hopes for Asia in the start of the year where China dominates the regional luxury market. In the Wealth-X survey report, executives from a range of luxury sectors were asked about their feelings for the direction of the industry and Asia remains one of their most important regions. According to report, 5 key luxury predictions were listed as below;

1- “Traditional luxury” hopes are still pinned mainly on Asia.

2- Chinese tourists offer the biggest source of optimism.

3- Chinese interest in “alternative luxury” on the rise.

4- Their main target is the ultra-rich.

5 - They see person-to-person contact as the main way to target UHNWIs ( Ultra High Net Worth Indiviudals).


Parfois, a Portuguese accessories brand with over 280 stores in Europe, Africa and Asia, has just landed in Morumbi Shopping, Sao Paulo. The brand has a modern and affordable fashion such as handbags, wallets, costume jewelry, sunglasses, hats, scarves and belts.


TOD's , An Italian premium shoes and handbags brand, net profit decreased 8% for 2013 as sales did not make up for the rising costs affecting profitability.Its net profit stood at €133.8 million that is compared with last year’s €145.6 million.

Although sales increased in the area 21% to €237.5 million in China which is the top market for TOD's , the company’s sales in the domestic market continued to suffer and its revenue dropped 16% to €323 million.

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