60% of retail clothing purchases are done online

Google and Compete, conducted a study where it was found, that for the first time in history, the retail clothing purchases are either done online or influenced by online research.

This is a proof of the massive changes that are happening in the digital world, where mobile devices, social media platforms and videos are getting a major role on influentiating buying decisions.

The study revealed that 4 out 10 shoppers who watched a product video online, later visited the online store or the real store. In addition, the research showed that shoopers watching videos are spending more than average consumers, 25% buy clothing more then one time during a month against 16% non-video watchers.

Another important fact for video-watchers customers is that 28% spent more than $500 on clothing during the past half year, while only 2% of non watchers spent that amount on clothes.

This means that retailers who are not yet having a digital approach for customer are being left behind and loosing a great market opportunity on this media. Certainly major fashion brands are aware of this such as Prada who has been doing fashion films, and shoppable videos, or fashion retailers such as Neiman Marcus or Barneys.

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