April 15, 2013
  • WEIBO Analytics at Your Fingertips!

    www.weibo.comFashionbi has yet again bagged the tag of an advanced and unique international platform, the only one to be offering Weibo Performance analysis data for fashion brands inside our Fashionbi Social Media Analytics Tool.

    Weibo has been in the limelight for quiet a while now. For those of you who are not much aware of the platform, it is sort of a Chinese version hybrid of Facebook and Twitter, a mobile-compatible microblog, with over 500 million users spouting daily on almost every topic one can imagine. The limit is up to 140 chinese characters (considering each character has a meaning, there is quiet a room for expression). Especially with Twitter, Facebook and many other international channels being banned in China, Weibo is proliferating. We are talking of the one from sina.com, the first to appear just a few years back, and slowly growing into this big mass, a new opportunity for the, otherwise, introvert Chinese people to interact, express their honest opinions, connect with the reality.

    Why Weibo?

    Weibo AnalyticsAll the image-conscious brand marketers worldwide, would know how important is it today, to be present on this channel, that is solely generating numbers that can be compared to many international social media numbers altogether.

    The moment something interesting comes up, be it an event, a fashion show, new fashion collection etc., people have become automatically programmed to post about it, take a picture and send it to all their followers and so on. A certain 'image' is created when people start expressing their opinions regarding a certain brand or its product, easily influencing those who read it. It is like on the one hand, one could almost measure the popularity of a brand by counting the number of messages devoted to its product. On the other, you now need time before buying for the Weibo. Finally, everyone knows what everyone is liking and investing in.

    The Chinese, through this Weibo phenomenon, remind us how important fashion is for them, how it shapes Chinese social relations and how it plays a role even in the most futuristic dimensions of our humanity. It is clear that Weibo occupies a real place in the Chinese society of today.

    Weibo and Fashion

    Fashion brands on WeiboMost of the international Fashion labels have already realized the potential of Weibo in taking their reputation from 1000s to a gazillion, within days. A lot of Fashion brands are already doing promotions on Weibo, much more than on Facebook or Twitter. At times, if a user re-posts thier official posts, the brand sends them small gifts - an excellent strategy to keep the trust, loyalty and interest of a consumer in the brand.

    Louis Vuitton is the first global fashion brand to launch its presence on Weibo, right in October 2010. Later followed Chanel, Coach, Hugo Boss, Reebok and many others. A few examples of successful marketing on this channel are:
    Coach, the most popular brand with the most engaging followers, total being 637705 followers, as of today. Recently, the brand also implemented an excellent strategy of directly linking a product image to their online store.
    Louis Vuitton's "Express Fashion Show" in Shanghai which engaged more than 500,000 Weibo users during the event. Another case was that of "Anna Dello Russo for H&M where the influence of Chinese Weibo celebrities was used to promote the collaboration. This was one of the Top 7 trending topics in September 2012 on Weibo.
    The stylist of the Chinese movie star and fashion Icon, Fan Bing Bing, posted a picture of her wearing ANNA DELLO RUSSO X H&M accessories; that got the photo 29336 shares and 4157 comments at once!

    What you get through Fashionbi?

    Fashionbi Weibo AnalyticsConcluding from the study above, is it rather mandatory to not only be present on Weibo today but also pacing up with the most innovative and luring strategies to gain limitless number of real folllowers that can be the actual influencers and further spread the word about a brand.

    Fashionbi took into consideration all these aspects and just like Facebook and Twitter, you can now also see the brand performance on Weibo. Everything from the brand's posts to the user's re-posts and comments; the weibo followers gained in the period, the active followers count out of the total followers, the mpact each post generates and most importantly, the most active day of the week (gathered in UTC time) when Weibo users made a lot of activity regarding a brand. The best content at the best time can be made looking at what the competitors and benchmarks are doing and planning next strategies, accordingly.

    Fashionbi team is super proud to add to its KPI kitty, the brand new Weibo Section. With information, that sure need to be considered when thinking of just entering or succeeding in this super-powerful and fast-growing market of China.

    P.S.: Find here the study made using Fashionbi Weibo analytics, comparing the brand performances of local and international brands, and much more!